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Frank (Peng) Wang


Registered Massage Therapy, Registered Acupuncture Provider, Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Frank gained his Bachelor in TCM in 1986 from Gansu University of Chinese Medicine, China and since then has been providing TCM services. After completing his Masters degree in TCM at Lanzhou University School of Medicine in 1993, he practiced acupuncture and herbal medicine in a hospital in China. 

When he came to Canada, Frank got certified as a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT), Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner ( RTCMP) and Registered Acupuncturist (RAc). He has 11 years of RMT experience in Canada and 36 years of TCM experience in Canada and China. 


Frank has extensive clinical experience treating various pains and diseases with massage, tuina massage, guasha, cuppung, acupuncture and herbs.

He advocates natural, safe and effective treatments and thinks combining traditional  with modern medicine, and combining oriental with western medicine can bring the greatest benefit to patients. 

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